3d animated picture featuring a Green Sea Monster

There’s a green sea monster raising from the sea featured on this unique 3D picture

Play the video to see the 3D animation effect!

There’s a green sea monster rising from the sea featured on this unique 3D High Definition Lenticular picture. Call it a sea monster; call it a dragon whatever it is it looks like it just came out of the latest sci-fi movie. This picture has a lot of detail and the sea monster stands out. The background is an eerie color and makes adds to the enhancement of the scene. The deep 3d effect of this 3D High Definition Lenticular picture gives the appearance of the scene protruding from the wall. Move to the side and the picture actually changes. Designed with 3D lenticular animation, this picture is designed to give you different views from different angles. Look at all of them teeth! You know this things going to bite something! Size is 30x40cm (Approx. 12x16 in).
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  • Model: NT3D2021