3d animated picture featuring a Group of Cuddling Wildcats

This unique 3D animated picture features wildcats cuddling together!

Play the video to see the 3D animation effect!

This unique 3D High Definition Lenticular picture features wildcats from just about every wildcat family that can be found in the wood or jungle cuddling together! You have tigers, lions, cheetah and cougars shown together here. Take a look at the details of these wildcats! Notice how their stripes stand out! The deep 3d effect of this 3D High Definition Lenticular picture gives it a unique look. Move to the side and the picture actually changes. Designed with 3D lenticular animation, this picture is designed to give you different views from different angles. These animals look so real; you don’t want to meet them all at the same time! Size is 30x40cm (Approx. 12x16 in).
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  • Model: NT3D2038