Colorful Lady Bugs 3D Bookmark

Lady Bugs, all kinds of colorful Lady Bugs are displayed on this 3D High Definition Lady Bug Bookmark
Talk about color! The colorful lady bugs on this 3D High Definition Lady Bug Bookmark look like they could fly away any time! Take a look at the depth and reality shown here. The color and 3D look is extremely incredible on this bookmark! When you move the bookmark, you will notice the picture will change! It’s like having multiple pictures in one! This effect is created by lenticular animation or morphing with a zoom effect. Until recently, this dazzling effect was only available in movies, TV, animation or video. Lenticular zoom animation gives the illusion of movement from background to foreground to create the effect of "leaping out" or "jumping back. Size is 57x153mm or approx 2.25 x 6 in. Each bookmark includes a teasel.
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  • Model: NTBM012a