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3D Pictures

All of our 3D pictures have a deep
3D StereoScopic effect and are in High Definition
StereoScope images achieve a sense of depth and dimension so real you almost feel as if you can reach out and touch it. The pictures are created using a process called lenticular animation or morphing with a zoom effect. Lenticular zoom animation gives the illusion of movement from background to foreground to create the effect of "leaping out" or "jumping back. Lenticular is in fact a specialized form of traditional printing. Until recently, this dazzling effect was only available in movies, TV, animation or video. The name “lenticular” comes from the fact that the image is printed onto a plastic sheet that contains tiny lenticules. The image is interlaced such a way that when viewed behind the lenticular sheet, the lenses hide one image and show you the other. As the viewing angle is changed, the image that is revealed cycles from one to the next, creating an animation. These animations can form a flip, a zoom, a morph or a full animation that almost appears to be a small video. The alternative effect to animation is depth or 3D. This is achieved by running the lenses vertically and interlacing the image in such a way that the lens shows one image to the viewers left eye and another to the right eye. The difference in what the two eyes see creates an illusion of depth.
What’s the difference between lenticular images and holograms  
Both lenticular and holographic images can show depth and/or motion. After that they have nothing in common!
Holograms are usually monochromatic (one color) and need to be lit perfectly in order to be seen. They are produced with laser light that is reflected onto an emulsion. When lit correctly they are stunning but when not lit correctly…not so much.
Lenticular is a printing process that does not need special lighting in order to look its best. It also doesn’t scratch. Postcards made with lenticular can be dropped right in the mail and arrive in perfect shape.

This great technology is now available in some incredible pictures and we offer a great selection of these unique 3D pictures to choose from!